What Are the Best Occupations for ENTJ Personality Types?

The ENTJ—extraverted, intuition, thinking, judgment personality—is known for being motivated, focused, and having a bit of an independent streak. Being a leader suites them well, but being an explorer while leading? Even better. This personality is known as the commander—a confident personality that can persuade, direct, and charm to get what they want. This Meyers Briggs personality type is a strategic leader in any field they are in, be it the boardroom or a jungle.

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What is an ENTJ like?

Those with an ENTJ personality type are the confident and competitive big-picture planners who can step into a room and take total charge. ENTJ types are natural leaders. The Keirsey Temperament Sorter, closely associated with the Meyers Briggs personality test, notes that the equivalent of the ENTJ is categorized as the Fieldmarshal. To be a Fieldmarshal, one must be strategic, analytical, and have a strong desire to lead. Some speculate that Napoleon Bonaparte and Julius Caesar, both great real-life field marshals, were ENTJs. Steve Jobs, Gordon Ramsay, Margaret Thatcher are also famous ENTJs.

What are ENTJs like in the workplace?

The ENTJ personality can be misunderstood. While ENTJ strengths lie in being charismatic leaders who thrive when presented with a challenge, their natural traits can be seen as dominant and stubborn.

What are the best careers for ENTJs?

For the hard-working and efficient ENTJ, the best career is a management or leadership position. ENTJs are not suited to sitting on the sidelines. Any job that is chaotic, rather than structured, will not be a good fit. For example, the frenetic energy of a preschool classroom or disordered night shifts at a busy bar are not for ENTJs.

1. Project Manager

To successfully launch a large project with all hands on deck, there has to be someone in charge of organizing and supervising every aspect; from the tiniest details to the big picture view. That’s where the ENTJ comes in. Project managers organize timelines, check budgets, and hold meetings with their team members to keep up-to-date on the latest developments and setbacks. Excellent leadership and both written and verbal communication skills are essential to the job.

2. Financial Analyst

Financial Analysts require strategic thinking and are responsible for financial planning, analysis, and projection for companies and corporations, an excellent path for an ENTJ. The ability to effectively communicate complex financial information in a clear, concise way is a vital attribute of the financial analyst, and one that will fit with the straight-forward ENTJ personality

3. Network Administrator

It’s the job of the network administrator is support and secure the local and wide area networks. The internet plays a crucial role in the success of businesses and organizations, so the ENTJ who is ready to take charge and perform all necessary monitoring and maintenance for the network is invaluable. The network administrator is also in charge of supervising and leading support teams to keep the network running.

4. Construction Manager

The construction manager is organized and strategic in their thinking and serves as the one who is responsible for hiring their construction team. In this role, the ENTJ will be in charge of everything from ordering materials to maintenance tool issues. The construction manager is the one who makes sure every detail of the project is completed and inspected.


Have a love of the outdoors? Then this is the job for an ENTJ. Surveyors spend the majority of their time outside taking measurements. This is called fieldwork. (Perfect for a Fieldmarshal.) Surveyors are utilized to make precise and accurate measurements of land to determine property boundaries for a variety of projects. The data they provide is used in construction and engineering projects. They research land records and survey records and land titles to pinpoint the exact boundary lines of real estate and other properties.

6. Civil Engineer

Civil engineers are the ultimate planners. They oversee the projects that create roads, buildings, pipelines, and dams. The ENTJ personality is already putting on their hardhat for this one. Being in charge of designing and creating large scale plans takes a leader who can happily map out the logistics and mathematics to solve engineering challenges.

7. Auditor

Auditors are not what one would typically think of when placing an ENTJ personality. A closer look at the finer details of the role shines a light on the strengths that the ENTJ can bring to the table. The auditor job requires analyzing financial information, catching fraudulent activity, and matching statements and records to ensure that an accurate account is being presented. It takes a level of commitment to detailed problem-solving and hunting that gives the persistent ENTJ an edge over the competition.

8. Management Consultant

Becoming a management consultant is the best of all worlds for an ENTJ. They get to lead multiple groups and pass on their skills while problem-solving new strategies for the companies who hire them as a consultant. The management consultant gives solid advice and expert feedback to help their clients find the best solutions possible. It’s the ENTJ dream gig.

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