What Are the Best Occupations for ENFP Personality Types?

Energized, full of new ideas, and ready to work—these are the attributes of an ENFP personality type. Myers-Briggs categorizes the ENFP personality characteristics as Extraversion, Intuition, Feeling, Perception. They are flexible, people-oriented, creative thinkers. They do not like to sit still. The best occupations for ENFPs allow their energy, wit, and strength to flourish.

What is an ENFP like?

ENFP personalities are the life of the party. ENFP personality types are energetic, independent, compassionate, and charismatic. Often called the campaigners or the champions of the 16 personalities, ENFPs are innovative thinkers. A career test may point an ENFP to jobs in teaching, health care, or anything that requires being a people person. ENFPs can succeed in a wide variety of careers from diplomat to detectives. The best career choices are in fields that provide personal challenges and social interaction.

What are ENFPs like in the workplace?

Friendly and energetic, ENFPs prefer relaxed or unorthodox workplaces, rather than a corporate office. They are creative and driven in their work. Though they tend to be successful, even in traditional office jobs, they often don’t enjoy the more bureaucratic side of some leadership positions. They are passionate and will strongly advocate for ideas they believe in it. Take a look at some famous ENFPs—Robin Williams, Hunter S. Thompson, and Tom Brady—who showcase the charisma and vibrant personality of the ENFP.

What are the best careers for ENFPs?

Ideal jobs for ENFPs are ones that differ from day to day, presenting new challenges, and new opportunities. Careers with a lot of monotony won’t hold the interest of an ENFP personality type. This can translate well into roles that require extraversion or brainstorming with coworkers. The compassionate nature of personality types ENFP means they will thrive when helping others or working towards a cause they value.

1. Entrepreneur
Driven. Ambitious. Risk-taker. All words that describe an ENFP. An entrepreneur is a person who has an idea, a product, a spark of genius, and turns it into a career. The adventurous ENFP can take a risk to create the business that they want, and use their ideas to their full advantage. Starting a new business is always risky, but ENFPs are up to the challenge.

2. Social Worker
Social workers help clients cope with challenges, changes, and difficulties in life. The compassionate ENFP will find a career supporting clients, or advocating and fundraising for a community resource quite fulfilling. Social workers often handle several cases at once, allowing the ENFPs to find the variation in their days that they prefer.

3. Human Resources
Although some ENFPs may not like the paperwork involved in HR work, they will thrive in the interpersonal part. Recruiting, interviewing, and training employees appeals to the people-oriented ENFP. Ever a champion and helper, ENFPs in HR will find themselves guiding new employees, thinking of new hiring strategies, and helping to resolve employee conflicts.

4. Sales
To succeed in sales, one has to be friendly, approachable, and knowledgeable. ENFPs are well-suited for a variety of sales positions such as sales assistants, managers, and representatives. They engage easily with customers and can make a killer sales pitch. An ENFP’s charm and desire to help others make them the perfect candidates for a career in sales.

5. Brand Manager
As a brand manager, an ENFP will become the voice of the brand, harnessing the natural ENFP desire to campaign for a practical purpose. They strategize new ways to engage with the customers. In this role, the ENFP will brainstorm with multiple teams to come up with a cohesive plan for the company. The creativity, intuition, and drive of ENFPs will serve them well in this career.

6. EMT
Emergency medical technicians (EMTs) are on the front-lines of medicine and often face life or death decisions. They respond to emergency calls and perform medical services for sick or injured patients at the most crucial time. Caring ENFPs who think fast and want excitement while they provide help for people will find this career a fit.

7. Actor
The extrovert ENFP personality type is a natural fit for an acting career. Their intuition makes them a keen observer of characters, giving them rich insight into their parts. While the theater is a notoriously difficult career to break into, ENFPs are natural networkers and self-promoters, a vital skill in the acting world. ENFPs are ready for the spotlight.

8. Server
Work as a food server is the classic day job for actors still trying to break into the industry, and ENFPs are a natural fit in this job as well. ENFPs are calm under pressure, allowing them to be warm and attentive, even on a busy Saturday night.

9. Athletic Trainer
ENFPs who want to use their energy as part of a team and tackle a variety of challenges will make good athletic trainers. ENFPs are creative thinkers, and helping an athlete train within the constraints of an injury can involve some creativity. As a certified athletic trainer, ENFP must synthesize their understanding of first aid, emergency care, anatomy, physiology, as well as the peculiarities of each athlete to assess the injury and help devise a treatment plan.

10. Teacher
A room full of boisterous kids? No problem. ENFP personality types are a good fit for work in early education or in middle school classrooms. The best teachers are the most enthusiastic ones, and ENFPs are always enthusiastic. Teachers need to be creative, flexible, and have a strong desire to teach others new ideas, and this makes the job a good fit for ENFPs.

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