What Are the Best Occupations for ENFJ Personality Types?

The ENFJ is a natural-born leader who genuinely values others, and seeks harmony in the workplace. ENFJs want to implement their own ideas to better the world around them. In this article, you will find the best occupations for the ENFJ personality type.

What is an ENFJ?

ENFJ is one of the sixteen personality types used in the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, and one of the four belonging to the subclass famed psychologist David Keirsey identified as the Idealist temperament. The abbreviation ENFJ refers to the personality type’s central characteristics: extraversion, intuition, feeling, judgment.

What is an ENFJ like?

The ENFJ personality type is naturally driven to try to find ways to help out the people around them. ENFJs have no shortage of inspiration. If you identify as an ENFJ, you likely feel things on the deepest of levels.

What are ENFJs like in the workplace?

In the workplace, ENFJs have a tendency to take charge. They are not afraid to make changes if they believe it will net a positive result. ENFJs have a strong intuition and can use their uncanny second-nature to make quick and accurate reads about their environment. ENFJs encourage growth. The gift of the ENFJ is their Midas touch, or ability to improve everything they contribute to, especially through mentorship. The combination of intuition and the desire to lead allows ENFJs to utilize the talents around them, and use their vision to form unity amongst their team.

What are the best careers for ENFJs?

ENFJs make up an estimated 2-5% of the human population. As an ENFJ, you are in rare company, which means there are certain careers that will seem like they are specially made for you.

For instance, ENFJs are:

  • Superb at seeing and adding value to others.
  • Clear communicators.
  • Intensely loyal and committed to the ones they value.
  • Driven by finding solutions that benefit the whole.
  • Encouragers of self-expression.

Based on these characteristics, these are the top ten careers that best allow ENFJ’s to take full advantage of their potential.

1. Advertising and Promotions Manager

The ENFJ’s love of strategy and leadership, as well as their general passion, makes them a perfect fit for an advertising or promotions manager role. In this position, the ENFJ is expected to analyze industry trends to determine the best tactics for their organization to move forward with. Communication is vital, as advertising and promotions managers must be able to get the most of their team and convey a strong message to the public. An advertising manager plans and directs ad campaigns to generate interest or revenue for a company. They work with sales agents, art directors, and financial staff to help them execute these campaigns.

2. Photographer

Photography is a great profession for an ENFJ. The ENFJ’s desire to express and connect to the outside world is a necessary part of the photographer’s job. Communication and leadership are essential abilities as the photographer must be able to delegate tasks to assistants while also addressing client needs.

3. Producer

Producers are typically expected to lead the production, oversee it through completion, and ensure the project meets its target financial goals. As an encourager of self-expression, the ENFJ could be the ultimate producer. Additionally, working with a crew requires tapping into another ENFJ-specific ability: finding solutions that benefit the whole.

4. Executive Assistant

This is possibly one of the more detail-oriented occupations that can work well for ENFJs. Executive assistants are expected to maintain documents and records, route mail and email, edit for grammar and spelling, answer phones, and generally assist executives with their organizational needs. The ENFJ’s desire to help improve the lives of others is well-suited for this occupation, given the fact that an executive assistant is an integral part of an organization.

5. Sales Manager

A sales manager is about as perfect for ENFJs as any career could possibly be. This leadership role requires passion, strategic planning, communication skills, team-building, and the ability to bring the absolute best effort and attitude out of your sales team. Responsibilities include resolving customer complaints, projecting sales and profits, preparing budgets, determining special offers and discounts, developing plans for customer acquisition, setting sales goals, and developing training programs for employees.

6. Editor

The ENFJ’s knack for encouraging self-expression is ideally suited for this occupation. An editor’s purpose isn’t to overrule the voice of their writers, but rather, to help them hone it for the organization’s objectives. In this role, you will read content and correct for errors in punctuation, grammar, and spelling, edit and occasionally rewrite copy to make it accessible for a broader audience. You’ll also be expected to verify sources and facts, decide what content to publish, help writers succeed at developing stories for the target audience, and approve submissions by the staff.

7. Writer and Author

In the close neighborhood to editor, being a writer and author will feel like home to an ENFJ. Communication and creativity reign supreme in this occupation. Writers and authors choose to write on subject matter that intrigues them or their readers. That can mean working on scripts, novels, biographies, or ad copy for newspapers, broadcasts, magazines, blogs, or any other medium.

8. Reporter

A reporter is another position that requires unique communication skills, an ENFJ hallmark. The reporter’s job is to research topics assigned to them by the editor, conduct interviews, write articles or other media, review articles for accuracy, and build rapport with experts in their respective fields to bolster the credibility of the articles.

9. Art Director

An art director must possess all of the signature attributes of the ENFJ personality type—creativity, communication, leadership, encouragement, and strategy must be embodied by someone in this occupation. As an art director, you’ll be expected to represent content and convey messages visually, determine what design elements to use, develop the look and branding of ad campaigns, publications, or sets, and coordinate tasks with other creatives in the organization.

10. Athletic Trainer

An athletic trainer job is great for ENFJs since it feeds their desire to help others. The results are tangible in most cases, too, so this is a rewarding occupation beyond money. Athletic trainers evaluate injuries, provide emergency and first aid care, develop rehab programs for injured athletes, and keep records of injuries and treatments.

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