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What is the Purpose of an Interview?

“I find it interesting that most hiring managers will spend more time thinking about and evaluating which car, refrigerator or TV to buy, than interviewing and evaluating candidates.”

No Office? 4 Secrets for Managing Virtual Workers

“Concerned about getting your money’s worth when your team is spread across the country–or the world? Relax. Here are the secrets from a virtual-company pro.”

The Pursuit of Happiness in the Workplace

“Forget spreadsheets, swot analysis and risk management, the latest topic on the business school agenda is happiness.”

How to Recruit With Twitter Trends

“One thing I like about Twitter is that it helps me keep tabs on what’s important to the masses at any given time. If you are a power user of Twitter (or a novice for that matter), then you know about ‘Trending topics.’”

The Simple Test All Managers Must Pass Before Being Allowed To Make A Hire

“I’ve come around to the point of view that while involvement and engagement is an important part of building an organizational culture, you’ve got to prove that you’re capable of this privilege before I just hand it over to you. Which brings us to one of the most important organizational decisions of all – hiring.”

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