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Why Hiring Managers Aren’t Responding to You After Job Interviews

Job Search: Waiting to hear back from the hiring manager

Job candidates who complete face-to-face interviews and are not hired often wonder why they hear nothing or only receive a brief notice stating that they were not selected for the job. Some hiring managers, when asked, will provide feedback to help candidates know how to improve their job search skills. Others, however, will not give feedback even after polite requests from the job seeker.

Candidate feedback varies from company to company and from hiring manager to hiring manager. Some reasons for leaving a candidate in the dark are fairly justifiable — others are not. Here are several common reasons that hiring managers don’t give feedback.

The Hiring Manager Is Uncomfortable Telling You the Truth

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Job Interview Advice All New Grads Should Read

Job Interview Advice for New College Graduates

Many graduates think applying for internships and scholarships is simply a lesser version of a job search. Why is this not the case?

The world of employment is a much more competitive landscape today. New grads need to realize that thousands of other kids their age are in the same boat and there are a lot less dream jobs than dream seekers. With unemployment at a rate of 7.4% the competition also extends to experienced job seekers who are willing to take unpaid internships just get their “foot back in the door.”

Scholarships are also highly competitive – if your grades are exceptional, if you’re athletically talented, if you have some strong performance talent, or if you’re deeply engaged in community service, you may be able to qualify for a scholarship — but you will be competing with hundreds of other talented students for the same scholarship.

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What are some of the unique interview challenges new grads face when compared to their more-seasoned counterparts?

Great question! The unique interview challenges that all new grads face as they enter the job market include:
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Job Interviews Are Like Dates. Are You a Good Suitor?

Which makes you more nervous, a job interview or a first date?

Regardless of your answer, the two have a lot in common. One such commonality is the importance of telling good stories — an ability that can make or break your interview (or date). Below, author and talent acquisition specialist Dominic Bokich, explains how dating experience ties into job search success.

Job interviews are like first dates

You say that experience in the dating world is relevant to success in the job search. Does this mean if I am terrible at dating that I’ll be terrible in the job search?

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Improve Job Interviews By Using Flattery?

Flattery in the Job Interview

What if I told you that a simple change in phrasing could make a huge difference in your job interview performance? In today’s career expert Q&A, Marc DeBoer, founder of, teaches us why and how to use flattery in job interviews. Welcome to “Flattery 101.”

Flattery in the Job Interview

When you talk about flattery in job interviews, you don’t mean complimenting the hiring manager’s shoes. What do you mean?

That’s funny! That’s the first time I’ve heard that question, but a great one to ask. If you did go that route, it would definitely start the interview with a laugh, but has more potential for negative than positive.

The problem with interviews and our perception of them is that we believe they are all about us as the candidate ( « Tweet this ). The interviewer asks us questions and we do all the talking and maybe, if we are lucky, at the end we can ask a few questions. We need to change the way we think about interviews; they’re not about us, they’re about the interviewer. At the end of the day, the interviewer has a problem and that problem is represented through an open job and because of that, we are just a potential solution to that problem.

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Can Smiling Help You Land a Job?

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Job interviews should be taken seriously, but that doesn’t mean you should not smile. In fact, whether you’re participating in a phone screen, an in-person interview, or salary negotiations, it benefits you to smile. Ramon Santillan explains why in today’s Career Expert Q&A.

Smiling during the job interview

You say that smiling during a phone interview can help a job seeker land an in-person interview. Why is that?

In nature a higher pitched voice means that something is safe (think of a monkey sound) whereas a low voice means danger (think of a lion growling). Now think about what a smile is: a person bearing their teeth. If you were to see a dog bearing his teeth you would see that as a sign of aggression and not friendliness.

So why do humans see a smile as a sign of friendliness? That is because when you smile, the muscles that activate actually reduce the size of your vocal cavity making your voice higher pitched. Try saying “Hi Baby” in a deep voice. Now try the same exercise but using a high pitched voiced. You will notice that you can’t make a high pitched sound with your voice unless you smile.

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