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Job Interview Advice All New Grads Should Read

Many graduates think applying for internships and scholarships is simply a lesser version of a job search. Why is this not the case? The world of employment is a much more competitive landscape today. New

Flattery in the Job Interview

Improve Job Interviews By Using Flattery?

What if I told you that a simple change in phrasing could make a huge difference in your job interview performance? In today’s career expert Q&A, Marc DeBoer, founder of, teaches us why and how

Can Smiling Help You Land a Job?

Search millions of fresh jobs now » Job interviews should be taken seriously, but that doesn’t mean you should not smile. In fact, whether you’re participating in a phone screen, an in-person interview, or salary negotiations,

April’s Most Popular Employment Advice

Happy May! April is behind us and we’re now one step closer to summer. Before heading to the beach, let’s take a moment and review last month’s most viewed articles. To Get a Job You

Q&A: To Get a Job, You MUST Stand Out

With an average of 100+ applications submitted to each job opening, it has probably never been more crucial to stand out during your job search. In today’s expert Q&A, Kevin Hungate teaches you how to

3 Must-Read Ebooks for Job Seekers

Google has indexed 30 trillion pages to date and crawls approximately 20 billion pages per day. That’s an insane amount of information, and a lot of it is just downright awful. When it comes to

4 Behavioral Interview Questions You Should Be Asking

Earlier today we dove deep into behavioral interview questions. In the post, career expert Leslye Schumacher explained what behavioral interview questions are, why they’re more effective than traditional interview questions, and how behavioral interview questions should

3 Quick Tips for a Successful Video Interview

Whether you like it or not, video interviews are continuing to grow in popularity. Video interviews are relatively easy to conduct and are just as cheap. The cost consideration is great for companies that are

What to Wear to a Blue Collar Job Interview

Guest post by Tyler Silvera So you’ve got an upcoming interview for a blue collar job, and you don’t want to mess up the first impression. After all, first impressions determine how the hiring manager

How to Tackle Online Career Fairs

An online career fair can be a great opportunity for job seekers, but how do you separate yourself from the pack? Job seekers might be used to relying on their positive in-person qualities like a

Why You Need a Digital Resume

It seems like something is always changing about what people need to do to get hired. In the last few years I’ve read job posts that ask for your social media accounts, web page, and

How to Research the Hiring Company (Part II)

In Wednesday’s post, we looked at why it’s important to research the hiring company before an in-person interview, and we laid out the exact information you’re looking for. Today, we’ll wrap up the topic by

How to Research an Employer (Part I)

You’ve heard it before and you’ll hear it again: when applying to jobs, you need to research the hiring company. This is of particular importance before the in-person interview. But what are you looking for