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ZipRecruiter’s Top Tips for Job Seekers

Because we talk to hiring managers every day, job seekers often ask us what they can do to improve their application materials. Here’s our advice: Q: What is your #1 tip for job applications? Show

Before You Hit Apply: A Resume Checklist

In the job search, as with many things in life, it’s important to revisit the basics from time to time. Today, we’re doing just that with our resume checklist. As you know, a resume is

5 Easy Job Application Mistakes to Avoid

During your job search, there are many reasons you might not be getting callbacks from prospective employers. Before you spend hours agonizing about why this is happening, take a quick look through this list of

A Job Title That Drives 5x the Applicants?

Two words: Signing Bonus Does adding this phrase into your job title increase candidate response rates? Consider the click-through rates of these job titles: Job Title                     

How to Write a Cover Letter That Works

U.S. unemployment is over 9 percent — the highest in over 25 years. Getting an interview is more difficult than ever and writing a good cover letter is your secret weapon! How important is the