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Q&A: How to Get Noticed By Employers on Social Media

Submitting a job application isn’t always enough to get noticed by employers. In today’s career expert Q&A, Julie Bauke walks us through when, why, and how to approach employers through social media.

Contacting Employers Through Social Media

Why can it be advantageous to approach employers via social media instead of through more traditional channels?

There is not one right way to approach every employer, so you always need to be thinking about the best approach for that particular employer.

If you see that they are active as a company or as individuals on LinkedIn, then you can be comfortable that they are open to being approached that way. If, in your research, you find the hiring manager’s name and look him up on LinkedIn and he has few connections and an incomplete profile, you’d better stick to more traditional methods. If the company or the decision maker is active on Twitter, follow them for a while so you can get a good feel for style, favorite topics, etc. before you engage.

It is a good idea to have more than one strategy per employer. For example, applying online only is almost always a loser as it is easy to get lost in the hundreds of responses. In that case, as soon as you have hit “submit,” begin your search for a networking contact who works there who might be able to help you in your navigation of the process.
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The Ugly Resume: Top 5 Most Common Resume Killers

Common Job Application MistakesWhen you are applying for a job, a recruiter will take about 20 to 30 seconds, max, to skim your resume. In this 20- to 30-second second span of time, the recruiter will decide if they should place your resume in the call or recycle list.

Because so many candidates are applying for the same job, it is extremely important to design your resume right and to avoid some of the common resume killers that will affect your reputation before you even meet with a hiring manager.

Here are 5 of the most common resume killers you must avoid so you can land the interview.

1. The Wordy Mission Statement

No recruiter wants to see a large blob of text under the mission statement heading. If you want to avoid being added to the do-not-call file, make sure that you explain how you can benefit the company with your skills and experience in a succinct, clear way. Step back and look at your resume from a distance. Ask yourself if you would read it if you were the hiring manager. If not, do some revising.

2. The Generic Resume

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3 Trends to Follow for a Successful Job Search

Job search trends
A big pickup in hiring is thought to be just around the corner. Bearing this in mind, it’s important for job seekers to be up-to-date with the current trends in job search. By incorporating these strategies into your quest for a new job, you stand a better chance of being noticed by employers and securing the job of your dreams.

Emphasize Specialized Skills

Many companies are no longer interested in generalists — people capable of filling in on a number of different jobs. Instead, they want specialists – people who can help resolve a specific problem.

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3 Must-Read Ebooks for Job Seekers

ZipRecruiter's Top Job Search & Career Advice EbooksGoogle has indexed 30 trillion pages to date and crawls approximately 20 billion pages per day. That’s an insane amount of information, and a lot of it is just downright awful. When it comes to your job search and your career, it’s critical that the advice you follow is sound.

That’s why today we’re telling you about three of our favorite ebooks, complete with an overview of what each has to offer. We hope you find the content as useful as we do, and would love to hear about your favorite job search ebooks in the comments below.


1. How To Find a Job Now (…and never have to look again!)

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Introducing a Mobile-Friendly Job Application Process

We recently introduced a new Mobile Quick Apply option. The result? A 100% lift in mobile job applications.

ZipRecruiter's easy solution for mobile friendly job search and application process

Mobile usage continues to skyrocket. Anyone who wants to reach and engage this growing channel must create a positive mobile job search experience. Employers and recruiters are no exception to this rule.

Seven out of 10 job seekers already use mobile technology to search for jobs. What’s more, 32% of job seekers have already used a mobile device to apply for a job, while 86% would do so if there was an easy way. (source: SimplyHired)

Although it’s clear that the mobile job search is here to stay, just 13% of employers have mobile-friendly career sites, and only 2% of Fortune 500 companies create job applications with mobile users in mind.

What are we doing to remedy the disconnect?

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