Introducing the ZipRecruiter Small Business Jobs Report

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When we started ZipRecruiter, the national unemployment rate was 10%. Flash forward to 2017, and it’s been cut in half.  We like to think we’ve helped contribute to that. How? By helping over 30 million people find meaningful work.

A healthy job market creates opportunities – and challenges. We want to make sure we understand what’s happening in the economy, and how best to serve both job seekers and the companies that are looking to hire them.

That’s why ZipRecruiter is very excited to announce a new addition to our team, Cathy Barrera, who will serve as ZipRecruiter’s Chief Economic Adviser. An accomplished economist and a professor at Cornell, Cathy will shed light on employment and labor trends and help us understand how the current state of today’s labor markets impact the overall health of the job market and our economy.

Cathy’s helping us develop the ZipRecruiter Small Business Jobs Report, which will be a monthly analysis of the health of the small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) that make up the bulk of ZipRecruiter’s customer base.

The report will apply a monthly letter grade to the relative health of small businesses nationwide. The methodology behind the letter grade is a proprietary analysis of small business sentiment, small business health trends, and national employment trends.

For the first month of the ZipRecruiter Small Business Jobs Report, our analysis rates the health of small businesses with a stamped letter grade:

There are several reasons for this. One derives from new, primary research ZipRecruiter is conducting into both employers (SMBs) and job seekers. How do they feel about the jobs market? Are they planning to hire staff in the coming month?

We are also looking at a number of other published data, including the small business capital expenditure rate, which has been healthy (and steady) over the last 12 months:

ZipRecruiter will publish its Small Business Jobs Report on a monthly basis, timed to the monthly Bureau of Labor Statistics jobs report, starting today.

More about Cathy Barrera:

Cathy is an Assistant Professor of Economics at the Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management at Cornell SC Johnson College of Business, where she researches the impact of technology on the labor market. Cathy’s passion lies in exploring how developments in production and information technology can affect the demand for skills, the composition of jobs, wage inequality, and the relationships between workers and organizations.

Cathy received her PhD in business economics from Harvard University, and an MSc in applicable mathematics from the London School of Economics. Her current research focuses on how the internet supports entrepreneurship, reshapes markets, and helps small businesses compete more effectively with large corporations.

We’re excited to pair Cathy’s expertise in automation and economic theories with ZipRecruiter’s rich data that lends insight into today’s jobs market.

Stay tuned for some exciting work coming out in the next week and throughout the year. Have questions for Cathy or ZipRecruiter? Email us at  

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