Best Jobs for High School Students With No Experience

As a high school student, you constantly hear about the importance of education. There are countless resources available to help you succeed in school.

When it comes to finding a great job? Far fewer resources.

Whether you need money to pay for your car insurance, gas money, or just entertainment, there are great jobs out there for high school students—even if you have no real work experience. If you are responsible, well-mannered, and motivated, you can find a job that pays well and is flexible enough to work around your school schedule.

Here are a few of the best jobs for high school students with no experience:


These makers of fancy coffee drinks are in high demand. Customers often leave tips. As a bonus, certain high-profile chains offer tuition assistance for college.

Catering Staff

Most catering events take place in the evenings or on weekends. Think big parties, weddings, and other celebrations. Catering staff does several tasks from setting up to waiting tables.

Customer Service Representative

In person, over the phone, or through online chat, customer service reps provide assistance and support—answering questions about products and services, processing orders and returns, and responding to complaints.

Food Delivery Driver

You need a driver’s license and a clean driving record to be a delivery driver. On top of your hourly wage, pizza delivery drivers usually earn tips.

Front Desk Receptionist

If you can answer phone calls and greet people with a smile, front desk receptionist could be the job for you. Many businesses need someone at the front to answer questions and direct guests to the right place—hotels, spas, gyms, and yoga studios to name a few.


The ability to swim is a must for any lifeguard job. You get to hang out by the pool, making sure people stay safe while having fun or working out. Many gyms and community centers hire lifeguards; some require CPR certification.


Are you good at a certain subject? Someone else is struggling with it. Turn your talent into a job as a tutor and help others reach their potential.

Valet Parking Attendant

Restaurants, hotels, shopping malls, and even medical facilities offer valet parking to their patrons. With a driver’s license and clean driving record, you could be paid—and tipped—to park all sorts of cars.

Written by Jessica L. Mendes.

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