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What Career Matches Your Personality Type?

Myers-Briggs Personality Types

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is a questionnaire that measures individual differences in personality traits. Created by the mother-daughter team of Katharine Cook Briggs and Isabel Briggs Myers, the personality test follows principles of Jungian psychology. Each letter stands for a dominant personality characteristic: introversion or extraversion, sensing or intuition, feeling or thinking, and judgment or perception. Together, each person is assigned a four-letter personality profile (of the 16 total), such as ESFJ.

Personality Types and Jobs

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ESFJs make up a relatively large portion of the population. These energetic helpers are deeply attentive to the needs of others. This type values tradition and loyalty, and typically has a family-above-all mentality. In the workplace, ESFJs are team players. People of this personality type are natural people-pleasers who crave cooperation and mutually beneficial relationships.

Corporate Trainer, Optometrist, Special Education Teacher, Nurse, Dietitian


The ENFJ is a natural-born leader who genuinely values others and seeks harmony in the workplace. ENFJs have no shortage of inspiration and are naturally driven to try to find ways to help out the people around them. In the workplace, ENFJs have a tendency to take charge and are able to accurately read their environment.

Advertising and Promotions Manager, Photographer, Director or Producer, Executive Assistant, Sales Manager


INFPs can find inspiration anywhere. If encouraged and properly motivated, INFPs can use their dreamer mentalities to improve life for themselves and others. INFPs care more about having a job that aligns with their values than one that brings them financial gain. They also care deeply about personal growth and development and are driven by a sense of purpose.

Writer, Marketer, Counselor, Teacher, Psychologist or Psychiatrist


INTPs are a rare breed, making up only about 2-5% of the population. This personality type is usually quiet and seemingly aloof, but that exterior often disguises a mind keen on innovation. They are analytical observers, who prefer understanding deeper concepts and making abstract connections by watching, rather than actively engaging. The INTP sees learning itself as the most valuable part of life.

Computer Programmer, Computer Scientist, Web Developer, Financial Analyst, Economist


An individual categorized as an ISTP is judicious and systematic, finding inspiration in keen observation and problem-solving. This personality type tends to be fact-oriented, detail-minded, and unconcerned with imaginative or indefinite concepts. ISTPs are high-functioning thinkers and problem-solvers. These strengths draw them to industries such as engineering, technology, and production—any field where computers and other electronic equipment are used as tools.

Computer Hardware Engineer, Chemical Plant Operator, Electrical Technician, Agricultural Inspector, Automotive Mechanic


ESTPs are hard-working, fun-loving, and adaptable, making up just 4% of the population. The best career paths for ESTPs take advantage of their boldness and quick decision-making, such as freelancers, entrepreneurs, athletes, and emergency response occupations..They thrive in flexible work environments in which they are empowered to take ideas and run with them, as with startups and fieldwork.

Actor, Business Development Officer, Detective, EMT, Journalist


ENTPs are often referred to as the debater of the personalities. Their key characteristics are originality, energy, and an insatiable drive to know everything there is know about a subject or idea. When it comes time to brainstorm a new campaign or idea, the ENTP is the most important person in the room. Finding a solution or fixing a problem is where ENTPs flourish.

Stockbroker, Engineer, Lawyer, Operations Manager, Relationship Manager


The ENTJ is known for being motivated, focused, and having a bit of an independent streak. This personality is known as the commander—a confident personality that can persuade, direct, and charm to get what they want. Those with an ENTJ personality type are the confident and competitive big-picture planners who can step into a room and take absolute charge.

Project Manager, Financial Analyst, Network Administrator, Construction Manager, Surveyor


ISTJs are often the backbone of a community or organization—a sensible decision maker who can find order in chaos. ISTJ personality types are logical, focused, and have their sights set on long-term goals rather than instant gratification. Steady and dedicated, this personality is a goal-orientated professional, who will follow methods and procedures to the letter.

Bank Teller, Property Manager, Business Analyst, Logistics, CPA


The ISFP personality is hard to miss. They are charming trendsetters, the ones who dance to the beat of their own drum. Friendly, approachable, and entirely curious when presented with new ideas. This creative thinking can give ISFP careers in business a real boost.

Flight Attendant, Occupational Therapist, Police Officer, Brand Manager, Contractor


The ISFJ personality is characterized as a protector, as their observant and caring nature is seen as trustworthy and compassionate. ISFJs are responsible, practical, detail-orientated, and are known to pay attention to smaller, intimate facts that others may have missed. They are observant, which makes ISFJs very quick to pick up on the feelings and emotions of others.

Dentist, Human Resources, CPA, Customer Service Representative, Data Analyst


The INTJ Personality is known as the Architect or the Scientist, only 2% of the population claiming this title. INTJs are inventive thinkers, natural leaders, and value logic and reason over gossip and theories. The best INTJ careers reflect their confident and determined nature, and allow them to concentrate on building, designing, or solving a problem.

Civil Engineer, Content Writer, Database Administrator, Illustrator, Logistics Manager


The INFJ personality is characterized as a counselor—someone who is conscientious, intuitive, empathetic, and creative. They are often reserved, sensitive, and goal-oriented individuals. Often referred to as counselors or idealists, their empathetic and thoughtful nature is seen as altruistic and insightful.  INFJs enjoy peaceful work environments where they have the time and space to fully develop their ideas and work out plans.

Counselor, Psychologist, Scientist, Designer, Writer


With a deep respect for honesty, integrity, and tradition, ESTJs are often leaders in their business and community. Someone with this personality type knows how to make hard decisions. They are dedicated to the success of a project and the successes of their teammates and they understand that the best leaders lead by example. ESTJs thrive in management positions and their careers often follow a traditional and stable path.

Business Manager, Telemarketer, Chief Information Officer, Senior Accountant, Public Relations Manager


ESFP is one of the most fun and outgoing types. Individuals with this personality type are good candidates for the types of careers that utilize their appreciation for variety, strong desire to engage with people, and ability to transform ideas into actionable steps. Possessing a natural zest for life, ESFPs are pleasure-seekers who do not shy away from an audience.

Event Planner, Life Skills Coach, Sales Representative, Entrepreneur, Tour Guide


Energized, full of new ideas, and ready to work—these are the attributes of an ENFP personality type. They are flexible, people-oriented, creative thinkers. The best occupations for ENFPs allow their energy, wit, and strength to flourish. Friendly and energetic, ENFPs prefer relaxed or unorthodox workplaces, rather than a corporate office.

Entrepreneur, Social Worker, Human Resources, Sales, Brand Manager

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