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‘Apply with Monster’ Button Delivers Jaw Dropping Results

When Monster asked us to implement their ‘Apply with Monster’ button, I would describe our response as tepid.

In 2012 we’d implemented the LinkedIn and Indeed apply buttons, and the results were already so impressive we doubted there was a lot of upside from adding a third.

We were wrong. Completely and totally wrong.

Here is how a job page on ZipRecruiter looked after the Apply with Monster button went live.


Not much of a change right? Just one more button.

Here is the number of applications that came through Apply with Monster (by month) since launch:

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LinkedIn vs. Indeed: The Apply Button Smackdown!

How seriously do we take site simplicity at ZipRecruiter?

So seriously, we have on multiple occasions REMOVED wholly built features because they weren’t receiving wide enough adoption by our customers. (Nationwide posting – we hardly knew you.)

Therefore while it may seem like a no-brainer to add LinkedIn and Indeed Apply buttons to the site, we took nothing for granted.

After a two-week A/B test last February, we reached statistical significance and concluded that adding the two apply buttons increased the overall volume of applications by 5%.

That was against a run rate of 200k+ applications, so a 5% lift was an additional 10k applications per month.

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Job Board Power Rankings

One of the most frequently asked questions we get at ZipRecruiter is “Which Job Board is the best?!” This is a difficult question because, to give you an accurate response, we would first need to collect all of the following information — What job title, in which market, at what time of year, and how much are you willing to spend for results?

That said, one thing that does tell a simple story is how much raw applicant volume each job board sends. Today we share some internal ZipRecruiter data in our new feature –  Job Board Power Rankings!

So let’s get right to it. ZipRecruiter feeds 30 job boards. What were the top 7 applicant drivers last month?

Job Board Power Rankings for May

1. Indeed

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ZipRecruiter Is 2 Years Old

ZipRecruiter Growing, Turns Two

ZipRecruiter Growing, Turns TwoWell that was fast.

ZipRecruiter turned two in March.

A year ago we were still working at Ward’s kitchen table. Now we’re in a Santa Monica office and I can’t see Joe (who sits directly across from me) because an over-sized monitor is blocking the view.

A year ago we sat on wooden chairs. Now my chair has certified lumbar support. This is a big deal. Lumbar support is one of my new benchmarks for startup success.

We now have 14 employees (I just counted). We used ZipRecruiter to hire most of them.

We still have no standing meetings, no vacation policy, and no phone tree. Fingers crossed that never changes.

We are still 100% bootstrapped.

Employers are posting tens of thousands of new jobs per month.

1.5 million job seekers come through ZipRecruiter to view those jobs.

We are grateful to every employer and job seeker who is using the site. We are serious about bringing you together.

Thank you for two great years.

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EVERY Part of Applying for a Job Matters


A couple months ago we had an opening for an “Exceptional Customer Service Representative” at ZipRecruiter. It was again time to eat our own dog food, which we love to do!

With genuine care, we wrote a job description that in both tone and content we thought would immediately resonate with our ideal candidate. Throughout the ad, we emphasized how crucial writing skills were for the position:

  • You have to be an excellent writer who enjoys writing
  • Great writing is key
  • Ideal candidate will be a strong writer

To gauge writing ability we asked only one question in the online application process: “Tell us about the best customer service experience you’ve had where YOU were the customer.”

Assuming the candidate didn’t make a spelling or grammatical mistake in the first paragraph, we read their resume. So how many resumes did we end up looking at?

Nine. You read that correctly. Just 9 of 114 applicants.

(Note to employers — attaching a quiz to your application can be a HUGE time saver.)

If you think I’m making that up, here are a few responses I just pulled at random. Not one word was edited. Read more ›

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