Behind the Scenes: Birthday Time at the ZipRecruiter Office

I awoke this morning to emails from Ingrid, a member of our Exceptional Customer Service Team. In them she documented some birthday mischief that took place in honor of a colleague’s birthday.

You see, when you work at ZipRecruiter, we don’t stop at birthday cake (though as you’ll see below, we have that too). No, when you work here, things can get a little silly. In today’s case, a few members of the team blanketed the birthday girl’s workspace with one of her favorite snacks – teriyaki seaweed.

Please join us in wishing Bria a very happy and seaweed-filled birthday!

Birthdays at ZipRecruiter

Birthdays at ZipRecruiter

Birthdays at ZipRecruiter

Birthdays at ZipRecruiter

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  • Lee Ann

    Awww…that’s soo sweet. I’m sorry I’m seeing this too late, but Happy Happy Birthday to Bria! I hope you had a special day!

  • Margaret

    Happy Birthday Bria!! It can certainly make the work day go better when you like the people you spend so much time with!! Nice to see such a fun atmosphere there!

  • Ward Poulos

    You guys should have grabbed some real seaweed from Santa Monica beach just to top it off!