3 Must-Read Ebooks for Job Seekers

ZipRecruiter's Top Job Search & Career Advice EbooksGoogle has indexed 30 trillion pages to date and crawls approximately 20 billion pages per day. That’s an insane amount of information, and a lot of it is just downright awful. When it comes to your job search and your career, it’s critical that the advice you follow is sound.

That’s why today we’re telling you about three of our favorite ebooks, complete with an overview of what each has to offer. We hope you find the content as useful as we do, and would love to hear about your favorite job search ebooks in the comments below.


1. How To Find a Job Now (…and never have to look again!)

Author: Jim Stroud

Price: Free

Why we love it: While heavy on the visuals and light on the text, this ebook had a wealth of information for job seekers. Stroud covers topics ranging from making money between jobs to managing your online reputation, and from applying to jobs with “impossible requirements” to leveraging social media to find hidden job opportunities.

Who should read it: In the words of the author, this ebook is for anyone who wants to “give unemployment a punch in the face.”

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2. CAREEREALISM: The Smart Approach to a Satisfying Career

Author: J.T. O’Donnell

Price: $9.95

Why we love it: This 144-page ebook comes from one of the foremost career experts out there today. In it, O’Donnell shares her nearly twenty years of experience managing, training, and coaching a variety of people on a variety of career topics. The ebook outlines a 4-step approach that will leave readers ready and able to pursue not just any career, but a career that they are excited about.

Who should read it: Those who want to move beyond career advice “fluff” and dive deeper into a strategic approach for building a fulfilling career.

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3. How to Prepare for an Interview: Boost Your Confidence, Impress Your Interviewer, and Get a Job

Author: Alison Green

Price: Free

Why we love it: If you’ve ever read Green’s “Ask a Manager” blog, then you already know that she has a very fun yet informative writing style. This makes her content enjoyable to read and easy to understand. This 15-page interview prep guide tackles everything from how to research the hiring company to how to enter the interview with confidence. Whether you’re going on your first interview or your fiftieth, there is something in here for you.

Who should read it: Anyone who is preparing for a job interview currently or will do so in the near future.

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  • Robert

    Sorry but you must sign up to scribd to download Jim Stroud’s How to Find a Job (and never have to look again). Signing up to download costs a monthly subscriber fee, so it’s not really free. Hate this stupid game!!!! Free should mean free, not “I don’t charge, but you’ll have to pay (who knows how many) other people to get it”