Meme Monday: Incriminating Questions Will Ruin Your Job Interview

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ZipRecruiter Meme Monday - Job Search Advice - Sudden Clarity Clarence

The meme: Sudden Clarity Clarence

The scenario: During your job interview, you asked the hiring manager a question that raised a red flag. For instance, “Are you going to drug test me?” or “Are you going to look through my Facebook account?” You might not even do drugs or have anything bad on your Facebook account. Unfortunately for you, your character may now have come into question. Of course, these are not the only bad questions to ask in an interview. (Related: Don’t Ruin Your Job Interview — Don’t Ask These Questions)

What you can learn from Sudden Clarity Clarence:

A single slip-up in an interview can disqualify you for the running of the job. One of the best ways to avoid such a slip-up is to plan for the predictable parts of the interview. Research the hiring company so you can frame the interview conversation in a meaningful way. Be prepared to respond to the most common interview questions (e.g. “Tell me about yourself”) and be prepared to ask the hiring manager questions that will make you stand out in a good way (e.g. “What are the long-term goals of the department and how does this position play into them?”).

Have you ever messed up a job interview by asking a bad question?

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