Hiring Virtual Employees? Here’s What You Need to Consider

Hiring Virtual EmployeesThe world of virtual employment is a relatively new trend in human resources, and many companies are foggy on the process. Hiring an employee to work from a virtual office can be of huge benefit to your company’s bottom line. From decreased costs to increased productivity, you may be considering hiring virtually for your staffing needs. There are a few helpful tips to follow when hiring your virtual staff. By sticking to these tips, your company can enjoy a dedicated workforce of virtual professionals.

Hiring the Right Employee Begins With the Job Posting

Many managers make the mistake of creating the same job posting for both their in-office and virtual staff. Your virtual staff’s needs and qualifications are vastly different from those of your in-house staff. Your job posting should emphasize that impeccable digital communication skills are required. Your job ad should also lay out requirements for equipment that your virtual employee will provide herself. Include items like high-speed Internet access, a headset, and virus protection, if necessary.

Conduct an Adequate Job Interview

The interview process with your virtual employee will be different from that of a traditional worker. In many cases, hiring managers conduct these interviews through a series of conference calls, video chats, and phone calls. A phone interview is an effective way to get a clear picture of your candidate. If you are looking for a face-to-face interactive experience, consider a video chat interview with your candidate.

Focus on Both Soft and Hard Skills

With in-house employees, you can provide additional training on the spot if they get stuck on a software issue. Not so with your virtual employee. He will need to have the experience and knowledge to troubleshoot issues as they arise. Before hiring your virtual employee, make sure he has the know-how to work independently with minimal assistance, and that he knows when and where to obtain assistance when it’s needed.

Soft skills are imperative when working with a virtual staff. Your employees should be able to communicate clearly in both written and spoken form. They should be able to meet deadlines and self motivate. Your virtual staff should also be flexible and willing to accommodate the needs of your company. Look for evidence of these skills in all steps of the hiring process, from the initial application to the interview to reference checks.

Hiring a virtual employee can be a great financial move for your company. With the accessibility of the Internet, your virtual staff can carry out all of the functions of the in-house staff at a fraction of the cost. By conducting a thorough search and using proper applicant screening techniques, you can enjoy an efficient virtual staff.

Have you hired a virtual employee recently? Please share your strategies with us in the comments.

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