Job Board Power Rankings

One of the most frequently asked questions we get at ZipRecruiter is “Which Job Board is the best?!” This is a difficult question because, to give you an accurate response, we would first need to collect all of the following information — What job title, in which market, at what time of year, and how much are you willing to spend for results?

That said, one thing that does tell a simple story is how much raw applicant volume each job board sends. Today we share some internal ZipRecruiter data in our new feature –  Job Board Power Rankings!

So let’s get right to it. ZipRecruiter feeds 30 job boards. What were the top 7 applicant drivers last month?

Job Board Power Rankings for May

1. Indeed

2. SimplyHired

3. ZipRecruiter Job Alerts

4. Juju

5. eBay Classifieds

6. LinkedIn

7. craigslist

(Note: to see the top 7 for every month of 2012 so far, you can visit our new Job Board Stats page.)

Okay that’s interesting, but how far apart are these job boards?

The BIGGEST delta between any two rankings on this list is between 1st position and 2nd. Indeed generates almost 3x the candidate volume of the next closest board.  Their traffic chart tells the story:

Indeed’s traffic  jumped by 2 million visitors May over April. 2 million!! To put that in perspective,  just the one month  increase in Indeed’s  traffic is more traffic than most job boards get in TOTAL per month. Indeed is big. Really big. Stupid big. And amazingly still growing.

Right now Indeed by itself accounts for 35-45% of all candidates that come through ZipRecruiter (depending on the month). That’s while competing against 29 other job boards/candidate sources. We keep adding more job boards to our job board distribution network, and somehow the growth of Indeed is able to keep pace.

Will it keep up? Our guess is yes. Indeed’s job board is content rich, their website is blazing fast, and they keep innovating (see their recently released resume database and Indeed Apply button.)

Much like we live in a Google world for general search, it seems we will live in an Indeed world for job search. This does not mean there aren’t other great job boards out there (particularly for niche candidates), but it does mean that we don’t expect to see Indeed dethroned from the top of our Job Board Power Rankings for a long time.

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