“Building a successful internet business is fun, but I feel most at home down on the farm”

Have you met Ward Poulos yet?

ZipRecruiter's Farmer Ward

Ward is a co-founder here at ZipRecruiter. A design mastermind, Ward is responsible for much of what you see on the site (including those oh-so-clever rollovers on our team page). Yet true to his Midwestern roots, this country boy is a farmer at heart.

As he explains it, “Building a successful internet business is fun, but I feel most at home down on the farm.”

So remember, whether you have suggestions for our user interface or need help with this year’s crop, Ward is your man.

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  • Ward Poulos

    My lawyers will be contacting you.

  • Rachel Dotson

    Nah. Your lawyers are helping this masterpiece go viral.

  • http://mimic.pro David Martinez

    It’s interesting, I ran into some videos of Joshua Davis, not sure if you remember him, but his name is trending since Hillman Curtis passed on the 18th. He’s known for Praystation and doing lots of random vector art using Flash (most recently for doing the animation of IBM’s Watson for Jeopardy).

    In this video you can see how he works. He gets bonus points for having a mini-ramp, but also for gardening! He has a pretty interesting array of plants and scans his favorites in this video for a project he is working on. I love building stuff online, but what I love more is working with my hands outside.

    I’m with Ward 100%.

    • Ward Poulos

      David, stop contributing to this madness…

  • http://mimic.pro David Martinez

    Oh, all right! I tried to go deep for you, but in the end this is pretty funny!