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What Is a Wholesale Account Manager and How to Become One

What Does a Wholesale Account Manager Do?

Wholesale account managers build and maintain a customer base while meeting sales and profit goals. As a wholesale account manager, you work with your supervisor to create a sales strategy, collaborate with buyers, inform buyers of sales opportunities, and collect orders. Other job duties include notifying clients of quality issues, inventory availability, and pricing, while making recommendations on products and services that may help your clients meet their business goals. You may also be responsible for assisting the shipping department to manage customer expectations, staying updated on industry trends and issues, and participating in industry events.

What Are the Requirements to Be a Wholesale Account Manager?

The qualifications required to be a wholesale account manager include a high school diploma or equivalent, though many employers prefer that you have a bachelor’s degree and at least two years of experience in product sales, account management, or customer service. You should have an established network of customers ready to purchase your products or services and a reputation for being honest and reliable. Excellent sales skills with a high closing ratio, price negotiation skills, and effective communication and relationship building abilities are essential in this position.