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What Is a Traffic Accident Investigator and How to Become One

What Does a Traffic Accident Investigator Do?

A traffic accident investigator is called upon when a collision or accident has occurred. In this role, you review the scene of an incident and handle investigation-related responsibilities to determine the cause, who is at fault, and other vital matters, especially in the case of a fatality. You collaborate with the police and a reconstructionist, as well as interview all parties involved. Your duties include assessing the damage, understanding human performance during the incident, reviewing equipment involved, and providing a report on your findings, observations, and conclusions. A traffic accident investigator can work with vehicle collisions or aviation accidents.

How to Become a Traffic Accident Investigator

To become a traffic accident investigator, you typically need at least a high school diploma or GED certificate and specialized training through a vocational school. Employers prefer candidates with backgrounds in law enforcement, private investigation, or claims adjusting. You must also have certification in CPR and First Aid. If you plan to investigate airplane accidents, you must be familiar with aircraft design, manufacturing and maintenance operations, and standard practices and procedures. A pilot certificate, airman medical certificate (first or second class), or flight instructor certification are necessary for aviation accident investigators. Additional qualifications include keen attention to detail, strong interviewing and communication skills, and analytical thinking ability.