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What Is a Title Closer and How to Become One

What Is a Title Closer and How to Become One Image

What Is a Title Closer?

A title closer works in the real estate sales or development industries as an impartial third party who helps to close deals. This is done by gathering all the required documents and contracts to ensure the buyers in the transaction receive a clear and good title. Your duties as a title closer are primarily to ensure the safety of the buyer and the lender in a real estate transaction, but the job goes far beyond that outside of the closing room. Additional responsibilities include verifying amounts due on a mortgage, deposit, or taxes, recording legal documents, notarizing papers, and ensuring accuracy in transactions.

How Do I Become a Title Closer?

The requirements needed to become a title closer vary by state. Some states require you to have a license, while others only ask that you have a certain amount of experience in the real estate industry. Understanding the laws in your state for loans, escrow, and more can help you to meet the qualifications for this job. Some real estate associations offer classes on how to become a title closer and can help you get licensed if necessary. In areas where these classes are not available, it's best to get into the real estate industry in another position to learn the job.

Where Can I Work as a Title Closer?

Title companies, real estate agencies, mortgage companies, land development corporations, insurance companies, and law offices are all likely to have title closers on staff. You primarily work in an office setting, where you collect, research, and file paperwork. One major facet of your job is to attend closings for real estate transactions as the objective third-party, so you need to have excellent people skills in this type of role to explain technical terms. This work involves sitting for long periods and doing extensive research on titles and contracts to ensure everyone is getting fair treatment. You spend time looking over appraisals and reviews for the property as well.