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What Is a Technical Project Manager and How to Become One

What Is a Technical Project Manager?

A technical project manager oversees the development of a new piece of technology or computer program. Their job duties are to create a schedule for the technical team to follow, identify important goals during the project, and ensure that a project is delivered on-time. They must also maintain careful track of the team’s progress and address any issues that may crop up during the development cycle. A technical project manager often makes reports to stakeholders and other interested parties about the timetable of the project and inform them of any issues.

How to Become a Technical Project Manager

Qualifications to become a technical project manager include a bachelor’s degree in a technical field, such as engineering, computer science, or information systems. You may also consider getting a master’s degree in business administration, to gain experience in project management and other administrative functions necessary for the job. Other qualities that are useful for a career as a technical project manager include prior work experience as a computer scientist or working on technical projects, strong leadership, and communication skills.