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What Is a Team Truck Driver and How to Become One

What Is a Team Truck Driver?

A team truck driver’s job is to drive a truck in conjunction with a team of other truck drivers. Rather than having a single truck driver who will drive for a while then stop to rest, the team approach includes two drivers so that one driver may rest while the other drives. The goal is to get as many miles in as possible by driving day and night, although there are regulations that govern the number of hours that team truck drivers can drive without taking a rest. The team concept allows the driver to adhere to these regulations and still accomplish the maximum road mileage. The skills and qualifications of a team truck driver are roughly the same as those of a solo truck driver. However, the team experience involves sleeping in cramped quarters, sharing space with another driver, and spending weeks at a time with your partner. A career as a team truck driver is ideal if you prefer longer hauls.

What Are the Requirements to Become a Team Truck Driver?

Qualifications to become a team truck driver include a Class A commercial driver’s license. Some states may require you to complete a formal skills course before issuing a CDL. Depending on the vehicle, other license endorsements may be needed or increase employment opportunities. A team truck driver often takes on long-haul contracts, typically covering 750 miles or more of road in a single haul. They alternate driving duties with a partner while the other person sleeps or acts as copilot.