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What Is a Student Truck Driver and How to Become One

What Is a Student Truck Driver Job?

A student truck driver job is an entry-level position in which you can gain the skills and experience needed to become a truck driver while also earning money. Typically, companies hire student truck drivers that have recently obtained their commercial driver's license (CDL), but some companies offer CDL courses as well. You have the opportunity to gain the experience needed to secure a job, and the trucking company is able to help new employees meet their standards. Your primary duty is learning and honing your skills by operating a truck under the guidance of a seasoned driver. While working as a student driver, you either receive a flat fee per week or earn a lowered wage until training is complete. You should familiarize yourself with the company’s specific protocol, as well as industry standards so that you can easily transition into a full-time truck driver position.

What Are the Qualifications to Become a Student Truck Driver?

As a student truck driver, you train on-the-job based on the company's transport and delivery requirements; it might be better to think of being a student truck driver as a qualification for a position as a truck driver. Your responsibilities are to get a CDL license, a DOT medical certification, and to meet all requirements set forth by the state to drive a vehicle with airbrakes. You also need basic mechanic skills and knowledge of vehicle maintenance. Other qualifications include the ability to complete delivery paperwork, record status daily, and physical stamina, as your duties require you to drive for extended periods and handle heavy machinery.