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What Is a Staff Development Coordinator and How to Become One

What Is a Staff Development Coordinator?

A staff development coordinator is responsible for conducting orientations for new employees of an organization. Your job duties include creating a training and orientation program as well as providing existing employees with opportunities to develop their skills. To be a staff development coordinator, the qualifications are usually a bachelor’s degree in business or communication. You also need experience working for your organization in another role, and extensive knowledge of your company’s work culture and history. This position is another step along an HR career path.

How to Become a Staff Development Coordinator

The qualifications to become a staff development coordinator include a degree and an understanding of the training needs associated with the industry or company for which you want to work. You can start out on this career path by earning a bachelor’s degree in business administration, communications, human resources management, or another relevant field. You can initially develop your skills for a staff development coordinator position by working in an entry-level job within a human resources department. Some employers consider job applicants who have an associate degree plus extensive experience working in human resources.