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What Is a Shipping Clerk and How to Become One

What Do Shipping Clerks Do?

As a shipping clerk, your primary responsibilities are to track and prepare merchandise being shipped from your company’s warehouse to customers. Some shipping clerks also perform receiving clerk duties, which involve placing goods in storage until needed, inspecting merchandise for accuracy and damage, and tracking inventory. The qualifications for shipping clerk jobs are a high school diploma, strength to move and lift merchandise and packages, and multitasking skills. Through on-the-job training, you learn how to work scanners, scales, postage machines, and even forklifts or pallet jacks. As you gain experience, you can advance your career into administrative management positions.

How to Become a Shipping Clerk

To get a job as a shipping clerk, you need a high school diploma or GED certificate. Other qualifications for this career include an ability to stand for long periods, the physical strength to lift heavy objects, and an excellent ability to listen to and follow directions. Having a team player attitude and good communication skills is essential for this job. It’s a plus to be proficient in using computers for tracking shipment information, printing labels, and completing other daily duties, though on-the-job training is usually provided. Some companies require background checks and drug screenings before you begin working and conduct regular drug screenings during employment.