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What Is a Senior Account Manager and How to Become One

What Is a Senior Account Manager?

Senior account managers monitor the needs of their clients to ensure products or services are provided correctly and on time. They also collaborate with the sales department to increase revenue and find new clients. As a senior account manager, you cultivate relationships with your clients, following their accounts to ensure they are satisfied with the level of products and services provided by the company. When necessary, you review their records and may offer upgrades that may help the client with their business. Senior account managers typically have several years of industry experience and may supervise other account managers. You find senior account managers in many different industries, including advertising, business, and health care.

How to Become a Senior Account Manager

There are no formal education requirements to become a senior account manager, though many have a bachelor's degree in business, marketing, or a related field. Most senior account managers start their careers as sales or marketing representatives to learn different sales techniques, how to work on a team, and how to manage a variety of clients. After working for several years and building a successful record of leading sales, you can seek leadership and supervisory roles before transitioning to senior account manager positions. Additional qualifications for this job include excellent organizational and communication skills and proficiency with basic computer programs, such as Microsoft Word, Excel, and Outlook.

Senior Account Manager Job Description Sample

With this Senior Account Manager job description sample, you can get a good idea of what employers are looking for when hiring for this position. Remember though, every employer is different and each will have unique qualifications when they hire for their Senior Account Manager position.


Our company seeks a Senior Account Manager with proven relationship management experience to monitor our clients’ needs and ensure they receive products and services on time. In this role, your responsibilities are to manage several accounts while overseeing other account managers on the team. You must closely monitor client portfolios and work to recognize opportunities for increasing company revenue. Our ideal candidate has a bachelor’s degree in business or marketing and extensive relevant work experience in business, health care, sales, or advertising.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Cultivate relationships with clients to ensure their satisfaction with our products and services
  • Review client portfolios and communicate upgrades or other opportunities that may benefit them
  • Oversee other account managers and ensure sales goals are met
  • Work with the sales department as needed to discover client leads
  • Attend trade shows to network with new and existing clients

Requirements and Qualifications

  • A bachelor’s degree in business or marketing (preferred)
  • At least two years of proven sales or account management experience
  • Skills in customer relationship management, proposal writing, and portfolio management
  • Strong negotiation and communication skills
  • Experience using CRM software