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What Is a School Business Manager and How to Become One

What Does a School Business Manager Do?

A school business administrator runs the business and accounting in an academic institution. As a school business manager, your responsibilities include monitoring and developing budgets, contracting vendors, and overseeing various administrative duties. You work with administrators, teachers, the school board, and collaborate with district superintendents to maintain and improve the financial health of your institution.

How to Become a School Business Manager

Most school business administrator jobs require a master’s degree in business (MBA) or a related field. However, some positions may only require a bachelor’s degree and significant job experience in a leadership role—a manager position or another administrative lead. You should focus on learning business administration, accounting, and policy-making, to gain the qualifications you need for this career.

What Makes a Good School Business Manager?

A good school business manager has the right blend of accounting and business knowledge, experience in the education field, and keen organization and communication skills. For this job, you must understand the complexities of school-based management (SBM), and how to delegate the decision-making process for the institution away from district offices into the hands of the school itself. To be a good school business manager, you must be familiar with your school’s policies and procedures, as well as their goals, budget needs, and growth projections.