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What Is a Resident Service Coordinator and How to Become One

What Is a Resident Services Coordinator?

Resident services coordinators work at assisted living facilities, universities, or similar housing communities. They are responsible for creating a friendly and functional environment for everyone who lives in their facility. As a resident services coordinator, your job duties include responding to resident needs, training staff, managing vendor contracts, and coordinating regular activities for the residents. To become a resident services coordinator, you need a high school diploma, though some employers may prefer candidates who have a bachelor's degree and experience in coordinating group activities.

How to Become a Resident Service Coordinator

To become a resident service coordinator, you need at least a high school diploma or equivalent. Post-Secondary education is usually not required, though some start their careers taking classes to become a resident care assistant, then moving into a service coordinator role. Employers prefer candidates who have extensive experience working in a nursing home or as a program planner for an elderly care center. Resident service coordinators typically do not provide direct patient care; your work is mostly administrative, so you need to have excellent communication skills and have a flexible schedule. Additional qualifications include proficiency with basic computer programs, a valid driver's license, and reliable transportation.