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What Is a Resident Care Coordinator and How to Become One

What Is a Resident Care Coordinator?

A resident care coordinator plans patient care for those who need help with everyday activities. As a resident care coordinator, you work in a nursing home or health care facility. Your job is to oversee operations at the facility and monitor the patients’ health care routines. In this career, your duties include overseeing health care administration and staff management, and making sure staff members follow health care guidelines. Residential care coordinators must have an associate or bachelor’s degree in nursing and have skills in clinical care and team management. Other qualifications include experience in health care administration, nursing, or long-term care administration.

How to Become a Resident Care Coordinator

Many employers prefer resident care coordinators to have an associate or bachelor's degree in nursing and a current license to practice, though some consider candidates with extensive experience as a nursing assistant or care provider but who do not have a degree. You also need to have worked in a nursing or long-term care facility for several years; resident care coordinators perform administrative duties but may also provide direct care to patients. Employers may also require you to pass periodic physicals to test your overall health, hearing, and eyesight. Additional qualifications include proficiency with basic computer software and excellent communication and leadership skills.