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What Is a Representative and How to Become One

What Are Representative Jobs?

Representative jobs involve representing a company in a positive, engaging way when interacting with customers, business partners, and the public. As a representative, your primary duties include developing customer relationships with a variety of individuals interested in the company’s products or services, as well as business connections with vendors and suppliers. Responsibilities and qualifications for representative jobs vary depending on the position and industry. A sales representative, for example, prospects the local area for new clients, offers solutions to client problems based on the company offerings, and follows up with old accounts to increase sales. A customer service agent works with customers in person, over the phone, and online, answering questions and resolving issues. Some employers require soft selling skills for this position. Product representatives manage accounts for customers, distributors, manufacturers, and other branch offices. In this position, you must develop a thorough knowledge of a product and help resolve a variety of questions or issues, such as assisting customers with making new purchases, determining repairs and any needed replacement parts, and generating alternative solutions to complex problems.

What Are the Qualifications to Get a Representative Job?

The preferred qualifications to become a representative or rep for a company start with a bachelor's degree in marketing, business, or a relevant field. Some employers consider candidates without a degree depending on the job and if they have sufficient experience in customer service or sales. As an agent, your responsibilities require you to intimately know the products and services your company offers. Because you handle some administrative duties, you need strong organizational and multitasking skills. Communication skills are essential for actively listening to clients’ needs while being responsive, helpful, and persistent.