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What Is a Remote Legal Assistant and How to Become One

As a remote legal assistant, your job is to work from home to assist lawyers with their casework. In this role, you may help research previous cases, draft legal documents, help manage scheduling calendars, send letters and notices, and make travel reservations. Remote legal assistants usually specialize in a specific aspect of work, such as claims or nursing records. This position frequently involves paralegal work, but some remote legal assistants focus exclusively on administrative and clerical tasks. This position may be full-time or part-time, with some possibility of overtime for particularly heavy workloads or complex cases.

The primary qualifications for this position vary depending on the type of legal assistance you provide. Employers strongly prefer applicants who have a legal background, including a bachelor's degree and a paralegal certificate, but most are willing to consider applicants with a high school diploma for strictly clerical duties. Paralegal certificates are offered by several organizations and usually require passing an exam. Fulfilling the duties and responsibilities of this position requires excellent communication, writing, and organizational skills, the ability to meet deadlines, a reliable internet connection, and familiarity with standard office software. Some roles require additional training or experience—for example, a remote medical paralegal may need to be familiar with analyzing medical records and preparing medical chronologies.