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What Is a Post Doctoral Fellow and How to Become One

What Is a Post Doctoral Fellow?

A post-doctoral fellow is someone who has recently earned their doctorate and has taken on the temporary role of a research scholar. The goal of the fellowship is to gain skills and experience that are needed to further their career. Depending on the field, fellowship research may be done under the supervision of a professor, similar to an independent study course, or conducted in a laboratory or clinical setting. Job duties include conducting in-depth research on the career they intend to pursue, documenting the findings of their research, and presenting these studies at the conclusion of the study.

How to Become a Post Doctoral Fellow

The main qualifications for getting a job as a post-doctoral fellow are a doctorate and meeting any additional qualifications set out by the school or research institute in question, such as having knowledge of specific skills or guidelines. This job does not require any industry experience because it usually occurs immediately after obtaining a doctorate and is the first role many graduates have, but some familiarity with working in a research environment is helpful and can help you stand out from others applying for a research fellowship. Since the requirements for becoming a post-doctoral fellow can vary by school and significantly affect your career opportunities, consider asking your university what they look for in applicants and focus on meeting those requirements throughout your education.