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What Is a Plumber and How to Become One

What Is a Plumber and How to Become One Image

What Is a Plumber?

Plumbers install, maintain, and repair water pipes, drains, and fixtures in new and existing buildings. They identify and resolve a variety of issues, as well as have the stamina to perform often challenging physical labor. Job duties include installing or fixing garbage disposals, toilets, shower and sink drains, and sometimes sewage lines. While plumbers do perform routine maintenance as a part of their work, they are often needed in emergency situations, such as leaking or burst pipes. For this reason, good plumbers are generally in demand and enjoy some job security. The nature of their work means they are often up at odd hours or on-call during weekends and holidays.

How to Become a Plumber?

To become a plumber, complete a certificate program or associate degree in plumbing. Many vocational schools and community colleges offer courses in this trade. Acquire an apprenticeship to gain on-the-job training. Apprenticeships can last up to five years and are completed when the new plumber passes a test that proves their knowledge on building codes, piping systems, and local regulations. Most states require plumbers to be licensed, which typically entails passing an exam about the basics of the industry and local restrictions and codes. Research your state’s qualifications for licensing before seeking plumbing positions. Plumbers may start out working for a company, but may branch out and start their own business once they have several years of experience in the field.