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What Is a Part Time Caregiver and How to Become One

What Is a Part Time Caregiver and How to Become One Image

What Does a Part-Time Caregiver Do?

As a caregiver, you are not a nurse, but you do perform an important role in helping your client with their necessary daily activities. Your duties include being a companion, housekeeping, providing assistance with basic needs, cooking, driving them to appointments, and providing mobility assistance. Although you remind clients to take their medications and drive them to appointments, your responsibilities do not include providing medical care beyond emergency care, such as CPR. When you work as a part-time caregiver, you work with one or more clients for only a few hours a week rather than spending your entire week with one client or dividing your time between two clients.

How to Get a Job as a Part-Time Caregiver

Many part-time caregivers work for a caregiving or healthcare agency. To apply with an agency, you do not need education qualifications beyond a high school diploma. However, you must pass a background check and a drug test. Additionally, you need a clean driver’s license and access to a car to drive to client’s homes and provide transportation for those client’s when required. The skills you need are empathy, people skills, and time management skills. It also helps to have excellent domestic skills, like cooking and cleaning. The ability to lift 50 pounds or more is also essential when caring for clients who need help with transfers.