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What Is an Organizational Development Specialist and How to Become One

How to Become an Organizational Development Specialist

To become an organizational development specialist, earn a bachelor’s degree in psychology, human resources, business, or a related field. Acquire an entry-level position in a human resources department or another department to learn how the company is run and where it could be more efficient. Create sample plans to show how you would manage the office to improve its organizational efficiency. Once you have several years of experience in the field, seek organization development specialist positions.

What Does an Organizational Development Specialist Do?

An organizational development specialist focuses on the continuous improvement of a business or organization. Your duties in this career can vary significantly depending on the needs of a company. Once you assess operations and identify areas for improvement, you help create a plan to overcome difficulties and create a more efficient workplace. You can achieve this by suggesting changes to business organization, operational practices, or management methods. Some specialists apply organizational psychology to a company and then recommend changes based on psychological principles. Your responsibilities can include coordinating employee development, implementing new IT systems, or leading team-building exercises.