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What Is a Non Cdl Driver and How to Become One

What Does a Non-CDL Driver Do?

CDL stands for Commercial Driver’s License. A non-CDL driver is a transportation professional who moves for moving goods or people in a motor vehicle that is not required to have a CDL. Non-CDL drivers can drive vehicles under 8,000 pounds; this includes automobiles for delivering food and goods, as well as smaller trucks for carrying various items, such as large packages and mail. Most of these positions are within a local area. While a driver with a CDL has more professional options (such as commercial transportation jobs and driving larger vehicles), there are plenty of jobs available for people who do not have a CDL.

How Do You Become a Non CDL Driver?

To become a non-CDL driver, you need a regular driver's license and a clean driving record. Many businesses require driving employees to be at least 21 years old, but some companies may hire drivers who are younger. Most positions also require a high school diploma or GED certificate. You may need to pass a test proving you are fully aware of current motor vehicle laws and company safety policies and a drug test as well. Professional driving experience is not necessary; most positions provide on-the-job training. You must also be able to follow directions and work independently.

What Are Different Types of Non-CDL Driver Jobs?

There are several different kinds of non-CDL driver jobs. While non-CDL drivers are limited to operating vehicles under 8000 pounds, there are many types of driving jobs that fall within these limits. Most of these positions are for transporting items in a local region; with many companies and restaurants now offering home delivery services, these types of jobs are growing. Some non-CDL drivers deliver goods locally from stores, such as pharmacies or department stores, or food from restaurants or grocery stores. Businesses also hire non-CDL drivers at the local level to distribute products to their clients, such as office supplies, packages, or retail stock.

What Are the Job Duties of a Non-CDL Driver?

The specific job duties of non-CDL drivers vary significantly, depending on the industry and type of company. Non-CDL drivers are limited in the vehicles they can operate, primarily in that they cannot exceed 8000 pounds. In general, non-CDL drivers are responsible for transporting goods or materials to their destination within a specific timeframe. Some positions pick up clients and shuttle them from one location to another. Other non-CDL drivers pick up and deliver food from restaurants to at-home patrons. Many grocery stores now offer delivery services for online grocery shopping; they hire non-CDL drivers to transport the food quickly and efficiently to customers. These drivers may also be required to load and unload their trucks.

What Are the Benefits of a Non-CDL Driver Job?

Several benefits come with non-CDL driver jobs. Non-CDL drivers earn decent pay, and some positions offer full employee benefits. There is not a large upfront educational cost to enter this field; you only need a clean driving record and a high school diploma or equivalent for most positions. Most employers offer on-the-job training and need drivers for both day and evening shifts. There are non-CDL drivers in many industries, from pharmacies to restaurants to grocery stores, so there are many options for those seeking to enter this line of work. Non-CDL driver jobs are available almost anywhere, and since most jobs provide local delivery services, you stay close to home.