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What Is a Neuropsychology Technician and How to Become One

What Is a Neuropsychology Technician and How to Become One Image

What Does a Neuropsychology Technician Do?

As a neuropsychology technician, your job is to provide outpatient services to patients with various neurological disorders. Your duties also include performing routine yet complex procedures, compiling diagnostic neurobehavioral data, and personally work with patients. You administer neuropsychological tests, score patients based on various criteria relating to disorders, and report your findings to the hospital or facility. Other responsibilities include filing reports, filling out paperwork for patient files, and conducting administrative and insurance review. You work directly under a primary neuropsychologist, often in a hospital setting, but you can also work in a specialized neuropsychology clinic.

How to Become a Neuropsychology Technician

The qualifications you need to become a neuropsychology technician begin with a bachelor’s degree in psychology, biology, or a field related to neuropsychology. Six to nine months of in-house training as part of an NS technician program comes next. Necessary qualifications include experience with database entry, in-depth medical knowledge, patient care skills, and familiarity with how to score cognitive tests and structured reviews. Previous work with psychiatric patients and other medical populations on your resume is something most employers desire. There is no formal certification needed since these positions take place under the supervision of a licensed doctor.