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What Is a Media Sales Executive and How to Become One

What Does a Media Sales Executive Do?

A media sales executive sells advertising space for an organization. Organizational outlets include magazine, television, radio, online advertisements, and more. Your job duties range from contacting potential clients to giving face-to-face presentations to selling advertising space to attending industry events to ensuring all advertisements meet client specifications. The career requires an extensive background in advertising, marketing, and sales. A media sales executive typically needs at least a bachelor’s degree as well as multiple years of experience that demonstrate a track record of meeting sales production goals. Other important qualifications are knowledge of their specific industry and excellent communication skills.

How to Become a Media Sales Executive

To pursue a career as a media sales executive, you need an education in sales, marketing, public relations, advertising, journalism, business, visual arts, or a similar field. To meet most employer’s qualifications, you need experience in advertising, marketing, or sales and a bachelor’s degree or higher in a relevant area. In a media sales job, you must be able to communicate with a diverse range of clients, so you need to understand digital, magazine, television, video, and radio media. You also need to understand your specific industry’s requirements and trends. You need technical and analytical skills, strong sales and marketing knowledge, and an aptitude for customer service.