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What Is a Master Gardener and How to Become One

What Jobs Can I Get as a Master Gardener?

As a master gardener, you can get jobs working in your community with the general public. You can find roles like nursery manager, landscape designer, horticulturist, and naturalist, which require gardening and horticulture knowledge. Educational institutions that grant master gardener certification have set guidelines on what type of post-certification activities are acceptable. Master gardener jobs typically must be volunteer opportunities within the community or through an organization or company. General responsibilities require you to educate people in pest management and caring for plants. Community cleanup duties, training sessions and demonstrations, and writing and research activities are common activities for volunteer master gardeners.

How to Become a Master Gardener

To become a master gardener, you must participate in and pass a Master Gardener program at a university or university extension. Extension master gardener programs are available in most states and involve certification via an exam after you complete the required courses. Each state and county has specific requirements for training, volunteer service, and community involvement for its master gardeners. Upon graduation, you commit to using your horticulture skills in accordance with the program’s guidelines. Most program qualifications specify an ongoing volunteer commitment in the community to retain standing as a master gardener. Continuing education is also a common requirement for prolonging your certification.