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What Is an Insurance Sales Agent and How to Become One

What Do Insurance Sales Agents Do?

As an insurance sales agent, you sell life, health, disability, and other insurance policies. You approach potential clients by phone, email, or in person to determine their specific needs and by researching current coverage and available options. You also answer questions related to coverage and annual charges and, once a policy is selected, you obtain underwriting approval by completing the application for coverage. You must have excellent sales skills in this career, and you should always be looking out for the best interest of your client.

How to Become an Insurance Sales Agent

Though some jobs require a bachelor’s degree in business, sales, or a related field, some insurance sales agent jobs just require a high school diploma and on the job training. You must study the basics of insurance to succeed in this career. Each state has different requirement for licensing, and some jobs may also require a certification to be completed.

Is an Insurance Sales Agent a Good Job?

There will be a 10% increase in demand for insurance sales agents between 2016 and 2026, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), making a career as an insurance sales agent an attractive option for those interested in the insurance field.