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What Is an Insurance Premium Auditor and How to Become One

What Is an Insurance Premium Auditor and How to Become One Image

What Are the Duties and Responsibilities of an Insurance Premium Auditor?

The insurance industry is a fairly wide field that encompasses different kinds of work. Life insurance, health insurance, property insurance, and emergency insurance all look different, but there are many similar jobs within these branches. One example is an actuary, who assesses risk and helps an insurance company determine how much to charge for different types of coverage. An adjuster works with a customer filing a claim and helps determine what coverage the insurance company can provide. A sales agent works with customers looking to buy insurance. An underwriter assesses a person’s case and determines if they are a good candidate for insurance.

How Can I Get a Job as an Insurance Premium Auditor?

Different jobs in the insurance industry require different qualifications. To become an actuary, you need an undergraduate degree in actuarial science and must take and pass an exam. Sales agents need a high school diploma and experience working in client relations. To become a claims adjuster, you need an undergraduate degree, and you must take a pre-licensing course followed by a licensing exam. If you want to be an underwriter, an insurance firm usually requires you to have a bachelor’s degree, but you can get a job as an underwriter without a degree if you have the necessary experience and computer skills. Many jobs in this industry require research and investigation skills.

What Skills Are Necessary to Be a Successful Insurance Premium Auditor?

There are several positions in the insurance industry that can be learned on-the-job as an entry-level employee. One example is a risk analyst. In this career, you analyze client risk and draw up reports and assessments. An insurance assistant is another entry-level employee who provides administrative support to the insurance team. Similarly, an underwriter assistant provides clerical support to a team of underwriters. A customer service representative is also an entry-level position who works in the call center. You assess the client’s needs and pass on the call to the correct person.

Where Do Insurance Premium Auditors Work?

Insurance agents reach out to new or existing clients on behalf of a firm to sell insurance. As an insurance agent, your duties include meeting with potential clients and selling them insurance to grow the company’s client base. Other responsibilities include making sure policies are updated and making changes to a policy over time. Insurance agents commonly sell life, health, property, and casualty insurance, so you can find work in a variety of fields. You need a positive attitude and great customer service skills. Insurance agents may work independently or for a large insurance company. Expect to spend most of your time talking to potential clients.