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What Is a Human Resource Generalist and How to Become One

What Is the Job of a Human Resource Generalist?

A human resource generalist works within the Human Resources department of an organization and handles the administration of policies, procedures, and programs for the company. Human resource generalists have a vast array of responsibilities that all relate to key human resources functions, including the training, development, and safety of the company’s staff, as well as, fostering a positive culture for the organization.

How to Become a Human Resource Generalist?

To begin a career as a human resource generalist, you need a bachelor’s degree. Obtain your degree in human resources management, business, communication, or another area that could easily translate to this career path. Most human resource generalists start in an entry-level position in the field to gain hands-on work experience, and they eventually work their way up within the company. There are numerous professional certifications you can pursue in this field to help improve your skills and build your resume.

What Are the Career Opportunities for Human Resource Generalists?

Nearly every organization has a Human Resources Department, so there are many career opportunities out there for human resource generalists. Those who pursue certification or an MBA can often obtain higher ranking roles within organizations.