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What Is a High School Janitor and How to Become One

What Does a High School Janitor Do?

As a high school janitor, your responsibilities include keeping the building clean and operational through various means. Picking up trash, performing maintenance on smaller facility items, and cleaning each room of the building are regular duties in this position. You are responsible for maintaining facilities both inside and outside the school. While you might fix toilets or clean spills inside, your outside duties might consist of pressure washing walkways or landscaping. However, some schools with a large campus may have separate janitors and groundskeepers. A high school janitor is a jack of all trades, so you need skills and know-how in a variety of areas.

How Can I Get a Job as a High School Janitor?

While maintenance knowledge is a plus, there are no formal qualifications necessary to become a janitor. Over 70% of janitors hold a high school diploma, but it is not mandatory for most positions. Janitors undergo on the job training, shadowing another janitor to learn the necessary skills. You watch and assist your trainer as they sweep, repair, and maintain the building until you are ready to work alone. Schools in need often post these listings online, but there are also janitorial staffing agencies that may partner with schools. Safety training is also a part of becoming a janitor, as it can help you avoid potentially dangerous situations.