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What Is a Health Teacher and How to Become One

What Is a Health Teacher?

A health teacher provides age-appropriate instruction about illness, disease, nutrition, and developing bodies to students in primary and secondary schools. As a health teacher, your job duties include preparing lesson plans, teaching classes, implementing classroom management strategies, interacting with students and parents, providing feedback on student progress, and attending professional development courses, sessions, and meetings. You may work in public or private schools, and your place of employment impacts the content standards and curriculum you are expected to teach your students.

How to Become a Health Teacher

To start your career as a health teacher, your qualifications must include a bachelor’s degree in health science and teacher education or training. You must complete a supervised student teaching experience and pass a general knowledge test and subject area exam to obtain your state teaching license. You must also pass a criminal background check and drug test before you are eligible to work with young people in the classroom. You need strong communication skills, as a large part of teaching is interacting with students in and out of class.