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What Is a Golf Cart Attendant and How to Become One

What Is a Golf Cart Attendant and How to Become One Image

What Does a Golf Cart Attendant Do?

A golf cart attendant is responsible for assisting guests at a golf or country club as they operate golf carts. Your job duties include loading golf clubs into carts, checking out carts to members, and ensuring they are returned in good working condition. You clean and fuel the golf carts, and automotive skills that enable you to perform simple maintenance will set you ahead of other job applicants. You may also pick up the golf balls used at the club’s driving range using a specialized cart. There are no formal education requirements or qualifications to become a golf cart attendant, but you may find it useful as a stepping point to other careers within the golf or service industry.

How to Become a Golf Cart Attendant

There are no formal educational qualifications to become a golf cart attendant. Instead, you need customer service skills, a positive attitude, professional attire, and physical strength and stamina, as your duties have you on your feet and lifting heavy items. Most employers provide on-the-job training to familiarize you with the club, the services offered, the golf course, the range for balls, and guest accommodations. Your responsibilities as a golf cart attendant take place during nights, days, weekends, and holidays, so you need a flexible schedule. You also need excellent communication skills as you interact with other employees and members.