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What Is a Glass Artist and How to Become One

What Does a Glass Artist Do?

As a glass artist, your primary responsibilities include designing projects, glassblowing, and decorating glass objects. Also known as a glassblower, your duties involve blowing, shaping, joining, and staining pieces to create art. Your art may be a practical product, like a vase or a pipe, or simply for decoration. Depending on your qualifications, you can work with molten glass using ovens, kilns, and necessary tools and equipment, or you can decorate premade glass objects by painting or etching them. A glass artist can create stained glass windows, vessels, and other pieces of art. You may use your skills to form original pieces or accept commissions from clients.

How to Become a Glass Artist

A glass artist shapes molten glass into new vessels and art pieces with techniques like glassblowing. It takes training to learn how to become a glass artist since the technical skill of a glassblower is mainly learned with hands-on experience. Those looking to start a career as a glass artist can enroll in fine arts courses that offer instructions on how to work with the melted silica glass ingredients, high temperatures and tools like a blower, rod, or pipe to manipulate the shape. Aspiring artists can also learn how to create their masterpieces as apprentices in existing studios.