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Gene Therapy Jobs - What Are They and How to Get One

How to Get a Job in Gene Therapy

To work in gene therapy, you need to earn a bachelor’s degree in biology, biochemistry, genetics, or a related field, followed by advanced qualifications, which may include a doctoral degree and demonstrable knowledge of the technologies scientists use to create and use gene therapy vectors and test their efficacy. Coursework in psychology and statistics and experience in a genetic counseling environment can provide further context for your efforts and goals. In many roles, good project management and reporting skills are an asset. Additionally, you should be able to effectively communicate and collaborate with a team of diversely skilled professionals.

What Are Jobs in Gene Therapy?

Jobs in gene therapy include research, testing, and project management, and in these jobs, you use your expertise in science to develop promising new treatments that target cancer and other diseases. Gene therapy involves replacing mutated or malfunctioning genes or introducing new genes to fight disease. As a researcher, you work in a laboratory, analyzing normal cell function and designing experiments to assess the effectiveness of gene delivery techniques. In related jobs, your duties and responsibilities revolve around testing new therapies and analyzing data collected during clinical trials or working as a project manager to help your team and your company meet its goals.