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What Is a Financial Aid Advisor and How to Become One

What Does a Financial Aid Advisor Do?

A financial aid advisor helps college and graduate students pay for their education. The advisor’s main duties are to assess a student’s financial situation by performing different types of analysis, such as need analysis, and developing an aid package that will help the student pay for school. You also certify federal aid packages and student loans, meet with the students and their families to discuss the details of the package, and provide students advice and assistance whenever they are having issues with their school finances.

How to Become a Financial Aid Advisor

To become a financial aid advisor, you need a variety of qualifications, including education, career experience, and specialized job skills. Counselors typically have a bachelor’s degree, such as in business administration or social work, and some experience working in the financial aid office. You should also have a strong working knowledge of all federal and state regulations related to financial aid. Having strong computer literacy, written and verbal communication, and customer service skills are all important aspects of the job.