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What Is an Entry Level Cyber Security and How to Become One

How Can I Get an Entry-Level Cyber Security Job?

Getting a cyber security job requires, above all, expertise in information technology, most often gained through a degree program in computer science, information technology, or a related field. Additional helpful qualifications include industry certification, of which there are numerous types and levels offered by a wide array of vendors; choosing one close to your cyber security specialty can go a long way to setting yourself ahead of other job seekers. Even for entry-level positions, employers prefer candidates with experience, so you should document any university projects or internships you undertook while a student, highlighting especially any leadership roles. You must have superb technology skills, communications skills, and the ability to manage complex systems across a wide variety of operating environments.

What Are Different Types of Entry-Level Cyber Security Jobs?

Entry-level positions in cybersecurity include job titles like information security analyst, junior penetration tester, information system security professional, and network security analyst. In these roles, your duties and responsibilities include helping to prevent data breaches, network attacks, and other threats. You work to protect your employer’s digital resources and IT systems and prevent hackers from disrupting normal business activities. Additionally, you help other employees learn and practice good information security practices on the job and at home.