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What Is an Engineering Technician and How to Become One

What Is an Engineering Technician and How to Become One Image

What Does an Engineering Technician Do?

As an engineering technician, your job is to perform the labor requested by senior engineers. To do this, you may help with the construction of various devices, provide input on mechanical design, and ensure that the labs have the necessary supplies. Depending on the needs of the project, you may also develop how-to guides for getting the job done, perform quality control measures, and test your results to ensure everything meets the intended standards. Most engineering technicians specialize in a particular field, such as chemical, biomedical, or civil engineering. Expect to frequently use computer-aided design software, perform mathematical calculations, and write reports that summarize your collected data.

How Can I Become an Engineering Technician?

The primary qualifications for becoming an engineering technician include an associate degree or certificate from a vocational training school. Classes focusing on computer, math, and science skills are the most valuable for this field. Your duties may require skills specific to each field, so you need additional training beyond the necessary certification. Many employers offer this training themselves since it can be hard to find the appropriate classes. To fulfill your responsibilities, you need excellent communication and mechanical skills and an eye for detail. This is primarily a hands-on position, but the reports you write are essential for improving design processes and efficiently getting work done.